The company Impakta Metal d.o.o. deals in international trade of metallurgicalproducts, semi-finished products and equipment; our operations also include engineering services. We offer a wide range of high quality products, which include steel sheets, forged and rolled steels, castings, machinery and technical equipment, industrial knives, saws, cylinders and valves; we also have on offer a wire programme andExem Steel. As a major supplier of steel and steel products in Europe, Asia and Africa, supplying metallurgical and non-metallurgical companies, and the automotive industry, we advocate propriety in business and strive for our customers’ satisfaction. We are known by our professionalism, extensive knowledge and experience, the quality of our products, the speed of delivery, and the integrated solutions that we provide. In the future, we wish to expand our operations onto the emerging global markets, while also establishing our own manufacture or co-manufacture of products.

Impakta METAL d.o.o.